MS: New study shows deadly toxins in over-the-counter THC products

Steep Hill, Mississippi, which is the first licensed medical marijuana testing lab in the state, went to gas stations throughout Rankin County to buy over-the-counter THC products.

The study showed an abundance of harmful and possibly deadly toxins.

One of the products that was tested failed for eight pesticides, but that was just one of 13 products Steep Hill tested, with all of them containing THC levels 30 to 40 times over the legal limit.

State officials have even received calls about kids going to school intoxicated on these products.

While there has never been a THC fatality, Steep Hill Co-founder Cliff Osbon believes the risk is higher with these products.

“As far as fatalities from THC, there are no known deaths by overdose in history from THC overdose,” Osbon said. “As far as the pesticides, I think I mentioned that the tremors, seizures, and those types of conditions can happen. We simply don’t know from the product that we tested if that would occur if someone ingested those or not, but we think the risk is high, though.”

State Representative Lee Yancey and other officials have been made aware of situations in the past and says that this is illegal activity.

“I know one place in Rankin County sold someone something and said, ‘If you want something really good, go to my CBD store on such and such road,” Yancey said. “They are knowingly selling these products. I think law enforcement will be very glad to hear that these findings are out there and we will be talking with them about how to go about enforcing this.”

Due to a loophole in the 2018 Farm Bill and confusion surrounding the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act, it is unclear what law enforcement can do right now.

If you know where this product could be, though, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department asks you to contact them.

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