Eyedrops, Recalls, and Final Drug Disposition “Are Recalled Drugs Out-of-Sight or In Your Pharmacy.”

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern

Meet Your Presenters

William “Bill” Crates
William Crates is a supply chain QA executive specializing in U.S. state licensing, product management, track-and-trace and direct-to-patient shipping regulatory enablement services. He led a cost-effective and compliant end-to-end global supply chain in the wake of several multibillion-dollar acquisitions (manufacturing companies). During that time, he Implemented first-in-kind product handling standards that slashed damaged and expired product costs by ~$8M, successfully procured/managed over 6000 regulatory licenses, permits and associated accreditations, and saved\s $2M annually by managing recall management licenses and accreditations. Bill is recognized by state and federal agencies as a subject matter expert on regulatory issues/policy. He served as Vice Chair/Chair for the State of Louisiana Board of Wholesale Drug Distributors, Louisiana State Regulatory Expert in Drug/Device Distribution/Pedigree and a Court Appointed Expert for U.S. State Regulation.

George Lovecchio
George Lovecchio is the Executive Director of The Louisiana Board of Drug and Device Distribution. George has worked at the Board for 17 years as Inspector, Chief Inspector and is currently Executive Director. Before Starting at the Board George worked 16 years in the Wholesale Drug Industry as Principle, VP Logistics specializing in serving American Expatriate Employees in remote areas across 6 Continents.

Webinar Description & Learning Objectives

Eyedrops, Recalls, and Final Drug Disposition “Are Recalled Drugs Out-of-Sight or In Your Pharmacy.”

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by a stringent regulatory framework aimed at ensuring the safety and efficacy of drug products. Reverse distribution and the management of recalled drug products are critical components of this regulatory landscape, addressing challenges associated with product quality, safety, and compliance. This abstract provides a comprehensive overview of reverse distribution and the handling of recalled drug products within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to look up recalled drugs.
  • Learn proper segregation, documentation, and record retention.
  • Understand the consequences of unsafe medication.

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