INT: Ecstasy dealer-turned comedian trolls the cops with bizarre new website encouraging drug importers to post all the times they managed to get their illicit shipments into Australia

A convicted drug dealer turned comedian has trolled police by launching a website that encourages criminals to anonymously detail their successful drug shipments.

Andrew Hamilton, 36, was arrested on charges of commercial supply of magic mushrooms (psilocybin), LSD and MDMA in June 2021 and spent four months on maximum security remand in two prisons in NSW.

Two years after his release from jail, Mr Hamilton is taking a new look at the drugs business – a satirical one – with a new website,

His ‘tongue-in-cheek’ web page allows anyone to upload the location, year, drug type and quantity of drugs that police did not manage intercept.

In a video announcing his website, Mr Hamilton cheekily boasts the site is ‘an encrypted anonymous platform for the reporting of successful drug importation’.

‘When you see news come out about arrests and drugs busts and seizures of large amounts of drugs, I reckon people always wonder about the times [criminals] get away with it,’ he told Daily Mail Australia

‘I thought if there was an anonymous web portal when people could report the times they did get away with it that would be pretty funny.’

‘We only usually hear the tragic news of a drug bust, so isn’t it about time we heard a story about when the good guys win?’

The former Brooklyn Crispy pizza shop owner hopes the police and the public will see the funny side of the website.

‘They’ve probably see it as being idiotic and also clearly a waste of time for them to look into because they wouldn’t believe anyone would be so foolish to use it as a legitimate ay of recording their exploits.

‘I can’t really see anyone in an Australian police force saying ‘we’d better look into this site’, but I guess stranger things have have happened.’

He believes ‘most Aussies will se it as a p***take’.

‘I think plenty of people out there will see the humour in what I’m trying to do.’

Trolling the criminal justice system has become Hamilton’s stock-and-trade since he was released two years ago.

He has used social media to review prison food and shared prison documents that he said tell inmates the best way to take drugs.

Hamilton shared confronting insights from his short spells in prison, uploading a video explaining the actual advice given to inmates by bosses about safely using drugs and having sex.

He shared several pages of the men-only Parklea prison’s Inmate Induction and Orientation Manual from 2021, which has a section titled ‘how to protect yourself’.

The suggestions included are to ‘use condoms for sex’ and not to ‘smoke, swallow, snort or shelve drugs’.

To ‘shelve’ drugs means to insert in the anus.

Hamilton makes his debut at the upcoming Melbourne International Comedy Festival, in April, with an aptly-named solo show called Jokes About The Time I Went to Prison.

The poster produced for his comedy show has a highlighted recommendation from NSW Police that reads ‘one to watch’.

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