IN: Para-flourofentanyl Found in Tippecanoe County for the First Time

Para-fluorofentanyl, also known as White China has made its way into Tippecanoe County for the first time ever.

Para-flourofentanyl is a fentanyl analog. According to Tippecanoe County Health Officer, Dr. Greg Loomis, it’s much stronger than fentanyl.

“Obviously the greater the concentration, the greater the chance of overdosing from that particular opioid. That doesn’t mean there can’t be Xylazine or other stuff in that drug as well. That’s the problem we’ve been facing,” Loomis said.

He compares them to a 200 Ibuprofen versus an 800 Ibuprofen. Para-flourofentanyl shuts down breathing faster when mixed with fentanyl, compared to just using fentanyl.

Law enforcement found this Para-flourofentanyl in a drug seizure. Loomis says it’s been hard to track this drug for the last few months.

“So the main concern I have right now is the ability to stay on top of this particular drug. It’s going to make the over dose potential a lot more dangerous, especially with inexperienced people who use drugs,” Loomis said.

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