IA: Fentanyl, THC found in vaping device at North Scott High School

Vape devices across the country are being laced with fentanyl

North Scott Superintendent Joe Stutting confirms a vaping device with THC and fentanyl was found at North Scott High School on Thursday.

In a statement sent out to parents, the school says, “vape devices across the country are being laced with fentanyl and local authorities have reported an increase of laced devices in the Quad Cities area.”

Stutting says a field test of the liquid inside the vaping device shows THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, and fentanyl were discovered. A lab is confirming the results.

The school says they’re seeing more vaping within their schools and want to make families aware of the “potentially fatal ingredient” that’s recently been found in the device. “The drug fentanyl, which is typically laced with other narcotics, can be fatal depending on the amount ingested. The main symptom associated with fentanyl overdose is respiratory failure and non-responsiveness,” write administrators in the statement.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their children, and Stutting says they’re continuing to educate their students on the dangers of vaping.
Tags: Opioid Crisis

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