Law Enforcement Grants

Click here to download a Sample Grant Request Letter.

The 2017 NADDI LE Grant Program is CLOSED.

The 2017 NADDI LE Grant’s monies have been awarded to the grant recipient’s.

The 2017 Law Enforcement Grant Program will accept applications June 16, 2017 through June 30, 2017. Applications postmarked prior to June 16th and after June 30th will not be accepted.

The LE Grant initiative was developed through funding provided by Purdue Pharma, L.P. to help address prescription drug diversion and to put more resources in the hands of law enforcement to help combat Rx drug abuse and diversion.

Sponsored by Purdue Pharma, the NADDI LE Grant program helps address the complex problem of prescription drug abuse and diversion through the provision of resources to local law enforcement entities engaged in combating the abuse and diversion of scheduled prescription drugs. The LE Grant Program is designed to recognize law enforcement agencies that have achieved excellence in the investigation of pharmaceutical diversion. This may be for a particular event, or for an overall program of enforcement or prevention programs, or a combination of both. The maximum amount of this grant is $5,000.

NADDI shall use its best efforts to ensure that the LE Grant funds are awarded to local, county or tribal law enforcement entities or multi-jurisdictional law enforcement agencies who demonstrate the greatest need, as well as the commitment, to use the resources appropriately, and who will be able to benefit most from the availability of the funds. The LE Grant funds are not to be provided to state departments or agencies.

NADDI agrees that it will consider the following factors in evaluating the merits of each LE Grant request:

  1. The number of sworn law enforcement officers affiliate with the entity, including the number of officers in the detective division of such entity;
  2. The nature and extent of prescription product diversion training that such officers have received;
  3. The number of annual arrests of individuals associated with prescription product abuse and diversion;
  4. The extent and nature of seizures in cases involving prescription product abuse and diversion;
  5. The population and size of the entity’s geographic jurisdiction;
  6. The nature and extent of scheduled prescription product abuse and diversion within that geographic jurisdiction; and
  7. Such other criteria as may be established by the individuals selecting LE Grant recipients as relevant in determining appropriateness for the award of a LE Grant.


Applicants may be selected for work completed on a single case or on the basis of overall work completed over a period of time. Consideration will be given to all law enforcement efforts involving drug diversion that includes both plainclothes and uniform personnel. Although cases need not be resolved in court, the investigation should be completed, and all suspects arrested or under indictment. In order for an investigation to be eligible, it must have been completed within 18 months of the application date.


NADDI requires that each LE Grant recipient provide written documentation setting forth how the grant funds were expended (within 120 days of the grant receipt).

NADDI shall not provide funds to any entity until NADDI has received adequate documentation from the requesting law enforcement entity including a Grant Request Letter which includes

  • A statement describing the experience and training of the law enforcement entity’s officers in handling cases involving abuse and diversion of prescription products, and
  • The entity’s need for the requested grant.

The requesting law enforcement entity must also certify that receipt of the requested grant does not violate any local, state or federal law, regulation, statute, ordinance or ethical policies.

Application Process

The application process is fairly easy. NADDI has developed a Grant Request Letter that you can download by CLICKING HERE. This Letter must be edited to describe your department and submitted on your department letterhead. The W-9 Form must accompany the Grant Request Letter. If we do not receive a W-9, the application will be rejected:

  • Pharmaceutical diversion statistics
  • Media releases or media coverage of the investigation (optional)
  • W-9 Form to include agency Federal Tax ID Number

Please mail completed grants to:

LE Grant Program
1810 York Road #435
Lutherville, MD 21093


If you have any questions about the LE Grant Program, please contact:

Charlie Cichon
Executive Director

Click here to download a Sample Grant Request Letter.

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