Fluorexetamine [FXE]

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Fluorexetamine (3′-Fluoro-2-oxo-PCE, FXE) is a recreational designer drug from the arylcyclohexylamine family, with dissociative effects. It has reportedly been sold over the internet since around 2017, though has remained relatively uncommon.

April 22, 2022 NDEWS Alert: Online mentions of Fluorexetamine

Context: This alert was prompted by algorithmic detection on Reddit.

What was found? Mentions of Fluorexetamine (FXE) have trended upward on Reddit since Fall 2021. In April 2022 alone, mentions by unique commenters reached more than double their previous peak.

What is Fluorexetamine? Fluorexetamine (FXE) is a dissociative NPS of the arylcyclohexylamine family.

How is Fluorexetamine being discussed? Commonly referred to as FXE, the drug has been discussed sporadically on Reddit in previous years. r/FXE, a Subreddit dedicated to FXE discussion, has existed since 2018. Commenters indicate the drug is currently available for purchase.

Drug Terms: Fluorexetamine, FXE.

December 9, 2022 NDEWS Alert: Online Mentions of FXE

What was found? In November 2022, “FXE” became the second most highly mentioned drug term in drug Subreddits, behind “fent”. Mentions of fluorexetamine and FXE reached a new peak in December 2022. The trend of fluorexetamine mentions began in Summer/Fall 2021 and has grown from dozens to hundreds of mentions per month in 2022.

How is Fluorexetamine being discussed? Fluorexetamine is most often abbreviated as FXE on Reddit. Commenters describe the effects of FXE as similar to ketamine. Recent comments continue to report mania as an effect of FXE.


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