Overdose Death Investigations

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern

Meet Your Presenter

Corporal Amy Owens has 15 years of law enforcement experience, 12 of which involved conducting long term drug investigations with a focus on overdose investigations and prescription fraud.

Amy is currently assigned to Gainesville Police Department’s Operations Bureau as a patrol Corporal. She is also an instructor with Advanced Police Concepts focusing on topics such as Overdose investigations, Prescription Fraud, and Report Writing for Drug Investigations where she trains law enforcement officers both locally and nationally.

Webinar Description & Learning Objectives

As drug-related overdoses continue to increase, investigating the incident and ultimately charging the dealer serves two purposes; it holds them accountable, as well as assists in abating the drug problem.

With the focus on fatal overdose investigations, presenter Amy Owens, will touch on the importance and necessity of these investigations, realities and challenges of investigating overdoses, as well as trends, scene identification, and techniques commonly used.

Three Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the importance and necessity of Overdose Death Investigations
  • Understanding the complexity and challenges of Overdose Death Investigations
  • Providing technical specifics on trends, scene identification and common techniques utilized during Overdose Death Investigations

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