Abused Rx Drugs Poster

The posters are currently unavailable.
NADDI is in the process of updating the poster.

When the new/updated poster is available, ordering information will be posted below.

The Frequently Abused Prescription Drugs poster is NOT available for shipping. This 17” x 22” color poster has many of the pharmaceuticals that are abused in our society today.

These posters are designed to be displayed in the workplace or public and community buildings where the need to educate employees or the general public on the potential problems of prescription drug abuse is significant.

These posters were printed prior to the rescheduling of hydrocodone and do not show hydrocodone products as a Schedule II drug.

Interested parties need to send their requests through the U.S. Mail on their letterhead if applicable, to:

NADDI Posters
1810 York Road #435
Lutherville, MD 21093

Requests can also be made by scanning your letter and emailing to Heather McLaughlin (you only need to send one letter if you are requesting both posters and brochures).

NADDI cannot deliver the posters to a PO Box, and faxed requests cannot be honored. On your request please let us know how many posters you would like, but please limit the number to only those that will be used.

There is no charge for the posters or the shipping.

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"Any criminal act involving a prescription drug."