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NADDI On The Road...

Our Participation in Rx Drug Diversion Conferences

The reputation of NADDI as the leading training organization in the area of pharmaceutical drug diversion education, investigation, and prevention brings a diverse number of requests for assistance. The requests are for NADDI's support and collaboration with partners in various areas of government, industry, and other non-profit organizations to expand our collective goals in the fight against prescription drug abuse. "NADDI on the Road" highlights the numerous events the NADDI organization attends throughout the year. The NADDI Board of Directors provides this information to our membership to inform them of the constant focus of the organization to reduce diversion while allowing legitimate patients uninterrupted access to their medications. 


09/18 - Washington, DC - Partnership for Safe Medicines - Executive Board Member Kim New is presenting during a panel discussion

09/23 - Austin, TX - Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors - Executive Board Member Kim New is presenting

09/24 - Raymond, MS - NADDI Mississippi Chapter Annual Conference - Executive Board Kim New will be attending

09/25 - Atlanta, GA - NADDI Georgia Chapter Fall Meeting - Executive Board Members Charlie Cichon and Lynne Thompson are presenting

09/29-10/01 - Virginia Beach, VA - 14th Annual Basic Diversion School co-hosted with the Virginia State Police - Executive Board Members Charlie Cichon, Ernie Kirchin and Kim New are presenting

10/01 - Baltimore, MD - Administrators in Medicine - Medical Board Investigators Conference - President John Burke is presenting

10/03 - Charlestown, MA - NADDI in collaboration with MA General Hospital will host a Health Facility Diversion Conference - Executive Board Members John Burke and Kim New are presenting

10/03 - Annapolis, MD - NADDI Maryland Chapter Conference - ED Charlie Cichon is presenting

10/07-09 - Lexington, KY - NPLEx Leadership Conference - ED Charlie Cichon and Secretary Jennifer Carpenter are facilitating the conference

10/11 - Portland, ME - UNECOM 2014 Alumni Reunion & CME Event - ED Charlie Cichon is presenting

10/21 - Washington, DC - Center for Lawful Access and Abuse Deterrence (CLAAD) meeting on Capitol Hill - ED Charlie Cichon will attending

10/24 - St. Louis, MO - NADDI Missouri Chapter Conference - ED Charlie Cichon is presenting

10/28 - Seattle, WA - OMED Annual Conference - American Osteopathic Association - ED Charlie Cichon is presenting

10/28-29 - Miami, FL - RADARS Meeting - President John Burke is representing NADDI

11/18-21 - Hyatt Regency Cincinnati, OH - NADDI 25th Anniversary Annual Conference

12/02 - Washington, DC - CLAAD Annual Coalition Meeting - ED Char;ie Cichon will be attending

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"Any criminal act involving a prescription drug."