Texas State Board of Pharmacy – New CE and Training Requirements – Pharmacists

Several of the bills passed by the 86th Texas Legislature included required continuing education (CE) and a required training course for health care practitioners, including pharmacists. Amendments to Board rule 295.8 adopted in November 2019 (effective beginning December 9, 2019) reflect these required CE subjects.


  • There is no change to the total number of hours required.
  • With the exception of the training course requirement, the new CE requirements may be counted toward the total number of hours required.
  • If the training course becomes ACPE accredited or accredited as another program type also accepted for license renewal per Board rule 295.8, it may also be counted toward the total number of hours required.
  • The opioid abuse-related requirement has been removed to simplify requirements since the legislatively mandated requirements cover similar topics.
  • These new requirements are not required for license renewal immediately, but you should take an active look ahead to be sure you are meeting requirements in the future.
  • Newly licensed pharmacists are still exempt from most CE requirements, but will have to meet new requirements once they become required per Board rule 295.8 (see CE FAQs and/or this summary for details).

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