Scripps Safe, Inc. Announces Pharmacy Robbery-Burglary Protection Program with Pharmacists Mutual Insurance

Scripps Safe, Inc. Announces Pharmacy Robbery-Burglary Protection Program With Pharmacists Mutual Insurance

   NAPLES, FL – 02/07/2019 (

Scripps Safe, Inc. a Naples based Rx diversion and security solutions leader in pharmaceuticals and healthcare, has announced today a robbery-burglary protection program with Pharmacists Mutual Insurance (PHMIC) to reduce the risks pharmacists face from opioid theft crimes.

Scripps Safe and PHMIC have launched a two-part program based on years of underwriting experience, technology advancements and analytics to substantially reduce the threat of robbery, burglary and internal diversion that face pharmacists 30-40 times a day, spilling a countless amount of controlled substances in to our local communities. Any current or future policy holder of PHMIC that employees a Scripps Safe diversion solution which includes a narcotics or pharmacy safe in their place of business, will have their deductible waived up to $1,000 should they be a victim of a crime that involved the loss of controlled substances or other pharmaceuticals. In addition, should such narcotics or pharmacy safe be breached and damaged, Scripps Safe will replace it at no cost (conditions apply).

“Working on the foundation of this exciting program for almost 18-months, we at Pharmacists Mutual realized that there would be a great benefit here to reducing the level of risk associated with our policyholders business,” stated Mike Warren, Risk Manager for PHMIC. It is estimated that over 70% of all pharmacies do not secure their narcotics in an appropriate safe.

“When we analyzed all the data from the states, DEA, FDA, SAMSHA, independent organizations and others, we concluded there is a direct correlation between the theft of narcotics and them not being properly secured. The 49-year old Controlled Substance Act was not intended to work in today’s opioid crisis. Industry had to step up to the plate to come up with better, modern-day solutions,” quoted Scripps Safe SVP/ Rx Security Expert Christopher von Zwehl. He continued, “Pharmacies that deploy these security solutions with updated standard operating procedures have seen a 75-85% reduction in crime against them.” Pharmacists Mutual policyholders also get an additional discount on Scripps Safe services, solutions and products.

Doctors, hospitals and pharmacy association and GPO members may qualify for additional discounts through their association and/ or cooperative buying alliance vendor programs.

About Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company (PHMIC)

Pharmacists Mutual is the nation’s leading insurer for healthcare pharmacies with over 17,000 policyholders. For more than a century, Pharmacists Mutual has been providing specialized insurance solutions backed by solid industry insight. We stand with integrity beside our members during some of the most challenging circumstances. Our full range of professional, business, and personal policies deliver an unmatched level of quality, choice, and protection. Secure highly competitive rates from the company that understands the need for cost control. Pharmacists Mutual is your single resource for reliable, comprehensive insurance protection.

About Scripps Safe, Inc.

Scripps Safe, Inc. is the nation’s leading provider of Rx security solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with a focus on the nation’s 1.85 million controlled substance license holders.  Scripps Safe employs dedicated employees trained to provide the highest level of service on solutions that others can’t solve. From the U.S. government right down to your local neighborhood pharmacy, Stay Safe with Scripps Safe SM .

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