OK: Nurse practitioner charged after allegedly trading Xanax for meth

A nurse practitioner has been charged after allegedly trading prescriptions for methamphetamine.

Officials say during an undercover investigation, 47-year-old Patsy Wiseman prescribed Xanax to an undercover officer, who disclosed that they had no medical need for the drug. In fact, the officer also told Wiseman that they planned to sell the medication.

At the time of the investigation, Wiseman was a nurse practitioner and owner of Advanced Health and Wellness.

After Wiseman sent the prescription to the pharmacy, she told the officer to coordinate with her receptionist, who would receive the meth.

“The vast majority of nurses, doctors and others in the health care community are doing exactly what they need in order to take care of their patients,” Attorney General Mike Hunter said. “Unfortunately, there are some who turn to criminal transactions that pose a real threat to society. It is our job as law enforcement officials to hold the outliers accountable for these actions to ensure the safety and security of Oklahomans. I appreciate the Tulsa Police Department and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics for their work on this case and bringing it to the attention of my office.”

Wiseman and 41-year-old Amanda Emhoolah have been charged with eight counts of distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, conspiracy and failure to guard against diversion, and other crimes.

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