OK: 26 people arrested in connection to multi-state retail theft ring

Organized Retail Crime

More than 20 people have been arrested in connection to a multi-state, retail theft ring.

According to court documents, Linda Gann has been leading an organized ring of “boosters” since at least January 2018.

“Boosters” are described in court documents as people who steal merchandise, specifically, but not limited to, over-the-counter medication from retail stores.

At least 19 people are being charged for participating as boosters in the ring, and another six, including Gann’s son, are being charged for being a part of Gann’s logistical team.

According to court documents, Gann would issue lists to boosters of items she wanted from stores like Sam’s Club, CVS, Target, Whole Foods, Reasor’s, Akins, Sprouts, and Walgreens.

Gann’s team would collect the merchandise from the booster after they had stolen it and then bring the stolen merchandise to various storage locations Gann had in Osage, Pawnee, and Tulsa County.

Gann would then sell the items for profit. Court records estimate Gann received more than $4 million in payments for the resale of stolen property.

Multiple law enforcement agencies observed Gann and her team for months, collecting evidence.

State and federal prosecutors provide details on theft bust:

In May 2021, a search warrant was issued for Gann’s house, and over-the-counter medication consistent with what the boosters would steal was found.

Gann admitted to having a network of boosters she would pay to steal merchandise for her. She said they would travel out of state sometimes to Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, or even Florida.

Gann said she would pay for the trips the boosters would take using the money she gained by selling stolen property. Gann would also try to bail boosters out of jail if they were arrested, or put money in their jail commissary.

Together, the group faces over 120 combined charges.

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