NC: 2 arrested in Randleman, accused of having 40 pounds of counterfeit pharmaceutical tablets

Courier-Tribune News –

The tablets originated in Mexico and were mailed or delivered

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office arrested two people after an investigation into drug trafficking in Randleman.

Johnny Sophana Tith, 37, of Randleman and Alvaro Guzman, 26, of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, were both arrested after investigators conducted a search warrant at a Randleman home on Tuesday, March 16.

Federal court documents say investigators conducted surveillance on the residence before entering. Investigators said they saw Guzman arrive at the house in a vehicle with New Jersey plates. Guzman left the vehicle with a black bag and went inside the house, court documents say.

At that time, investigators conducted the search warrant and forced entry into the home. Tith, Guzman and three children were there at the time of the search, according to court documents.

Court documents say investigators searched the black bag and found:

1,349.8 grams of methamphetamine
167 grams of cocaine
1118 grams of fentanyl

In the garage outside of the black bag, investigators said they found 12 pounds of counterfeit pharmaceutical tablets that contained methamphetamine. An additional 28 pounds of the tablets containing methamphetamine were found in a bedroom inside the residence, according to the criminal complaint.

Tith and Guzman were both arrested. During an interview following the arrest, Tith told investigators that Guzman brought the drugs in the black bag into the house to sell to a third party in a meeting that Tith had arranged, court documents say.

Tith said the tablets originated in Mexico and were mailed or delivered to him. Tith would keep the tablets until told to distribute them by someone in Mexico, according to the testimony he gave investigators. The criminal complaint says Tith told authorities he would send the money he received from selling the tablets back to the person in Mexico, who would pay him a portion of the money.

Guzman told authorities he drove from New Jersey to Tith’s residence to discuss breeding or buying dogs. When investigators told him they saw him walk into the residence with the black bag containing drugs, he said he was innocent until proven guilty and that investigators would have to “prove it,” according to court documents.

Tith and Guzman are both being charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Guzman is also being charged with possession with intent to distribute fentanyl.

They were first taken to the Randolph County Jail before being transferred into federal custody. Both are being held under a federal detainer with no bond.

Agencies involved in the investigation included the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, Winston Salem Police Department, Asheboro Police Department, Randleman Police Department, N.C. State Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

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