KY: ‘From heroin to meth’: Louisa police chief talks drastic change

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LOUISA As a police officer since 1996, Chief Greg Fugitt of Louisa has seen the shifts in the drug market.

When he first joined the force, booze and pot fueled a lot of arrests. Then people turned to pills — folks were pooling up in cars and riding to Florida to hit up the pain clinics then ubiquitous in the Sunshine State. Once authorities clamped down on the pills, heroin moved in.

A year and a half ago, methamphetamine began popping up.

“If you take a look at our arrest logs, you can see it just changing in 2018. I mean, it goes from heroin to meth like that,” Fugitt said. “You still find heroin around here, but I’d say 98% of our drug arrests have meth involved.”

In January 2019, Lawrence County Sheriff Chuck T. Jackson took office. Although Fugitt ran against him in the election, the two came together to form Drug Interdiction Cooperative Enforcement, an interagency task force that also includes the county’s two constables.

Recently, the task force took in nine people into custody in rapid succession on drug related charges. On Feb. 27, the task force took Brianna Diamond, Matthew Diamond and James Hicks into custody following surveillance on a home on Waller Branch Road outside of town.

Court records from that case show officers saw the two Diamonds attempting to shoot up in front of the home inside a red SUV. A search of the vehicle revealed pills, scales and a baggie with a large meth rock, arrest records show. After getting a search warrant, police entered the home and found bags of meth, meth pipes and syringes, records show.

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