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As it applies to Drug Diversion Schemes:

  • a person that lends their identity to obtain controlled substances through fraudulent means
  • a person that takes a fraudulent prescription into a pharmacy to be filled; most prescriptions are for controlled substances. The runner is paid in cash or a small percentage of the drugs obtained.
  • a person that obtains controlled substances from a medical practitioner using fraud, deceit, or scheme. Often the cost of the doctor visit and the filling of the prescription are paid for by another individual and the runner is paid in cash or a small percentage of the drugs obtained.

In a “pill-mill” scheme, a runner is the lowest rung of the hierarchy. Since the inception of prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP’s) numerous runners (or identities) are necessary to obtain a larger percentage of drugs from the “pill-mill” operation.

A Drug Runner is known as an individual that transports drugs from one location to another; often times from state-to-state, or from one country to another.

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