Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative [PTACC]

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The Police, Treatment, and Community Collaborative (PTACC) is an alliance of practitioners in law enforcement, behavioral health, community, advocacy, research, and public policy, whose mission is to strategically widen community behavioral health and social service options available through law enforcement diversion. The purpose of the Collaborative is to provide vision, leadership, advocacy, and education to facilitate the practice of pre-arrest diversion across the United States. PTACC is the national voice of the pre-arrest diversion and deflection field.

PTACC is organized in seven strategic areas, but more are planned (e.g., Special Populations, Families and Children). Working within each strategic area are “workgroups,” or teams of practitioners who create resources, guides, webinars, and other deliverables to be used to guide the practice of early diversion programs. The existing areas are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Treatment, Housing, and Recovery
  3. Public Safety
  4. Community, Diversion, and Equity
  5. Research
  6. Policy and Legislation
  7. Special Populations

For more information visit the PTACC website

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