N-Propyl Butylone

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N-Propyl butylone is classified as a novel stimulant and substituted cathinone. Substituted cathinones are modified based on the structure of cathinone, an alkaloid found in the Khat plant.
Novel stimulants have been reported to cause psychoactive effects similar to amphetamines. Novel stimulants have also caused adverse events, including deaths..
Structurally similar drugs include butylone and eutylone (also known as N-ethyl butylone), among other beta-keto methylenedioxyamphetamine (or “-ylones”).

Butylone is a Schedule I substance in the United States; N-propyl butylone is not explicitly scheduled.

First reported in NPS Discovery (July 21, 2022)

2022 Q2 NPS Stimulants and Hallucinogens Trend Report

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