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Imprivata is a proven leader in protecting the privacy of people and organizations by securing their most sensitive data, is helping healthcare customers increase visibility into their drug diversion activity by detecting and remediating cases of drug diversion in real-time. Powered by AI, Imprivata’s analytics, reports and managed services help spot compromised security, policy issues, or other anomalous behavior that signals medication divergence.

Additional benefits and capabilities of Imprivata Drug Diversion Intelligence include:

  • Integration with multiple types of clinical, pharmacy and employee systems to provide comprehensive access explanations and increase the response to potential incidents
  • Automatic documentation of potentially inappropriate access
  • Ability to easily view alarming behaviors of potentially inappropriate use
  • Use of machine learning to identify anomalous behavior and allow for scaling monitoring programs
  • Personalized and flexible approach by pairing each customer with a dedicated drug diversion specialist to provide custom reporting

For more information about Imprivata, visit their website.

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