Blue Lotus

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Nymphae caerulea

Blue lotus, also known as Nymphae caerulea, is a water lily. The flower contains aporphine, a dopamine agonist. Blue lotus is primarily sold as tea extracts or incense.

Blue lotus is native to Egypt, where it has a long history of ritual, magical, and medicinal use. More recently, it has become popular in the United States, where people typically use it for its mild psychoactive properties.

NDEWS – February 10, 2023 reports on Blue Lotus:

What was found? In response to mentions of blue lotus for the first time from the RSR Austin, TX site visit, the Web Monitoring Team examined online interest in the drug. Blue lotus has experienced steady activity in the past three years, with activity peaking in early and late 2022.

How is blue lotus being discussed? Online discussion of blue lotus primarily revolves around its use with other drugs, such as psilocybin or marijuana. Commenters also commonly discussed the drug’s availability.

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