alpha-Pyrrolidinohexiophenone [a-PHP]

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alpha-Pyrrolidinohexiophenone (also known as PV-7, alpha-PHP, A-PHP, and α-PHP) is a lesser-known novel stimulant substance of the cathinone class. It is structurally related to MDPV and is one of the successors to the designer drug cathinone analog α-PVP.

It is being used and marketed as a replacement for α-PVP (known on the street as flakka) a few years following its ban, where it has come to substitute α-PVP in many parts of the world. While initially mass synthesized in Chinese industrial laboratories, a ban on α-PHP within China’s borders has forced production to nations worldwide.

Subjective effects such as euphoria, thought acceleration, disinhibition and ego inflation. It generally comes in the form of either a fine powder or crystallized shards that can produce powerful but short-lived euphoric stimulant effects comparable to those of vaporized methamphetamine and cocaine. Like its cathinone predecessors, it is has gained notoriety for its tendency to induce compulsive redosing and addictive behaviors as well the ability to produce delusional states and psychosis when abused.

α-PHP in the past has been assigned to Schedule I on a Temporary Placement basis, although the order has expired without renewal or permanent placement and is no longer Scheduled at the Federal level as of July 2021. Despite this however, α-PHP may be considered an analogue of α-PVP, a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. As such, the sale for human consumption or the use for illicit non-medical or industrial intents and purposes could be prosecuted as crimes under the Federal Analogue Act.

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