GA: Drone Carries Drug Bundle Near Georgia Prison

Two suspects got creative while trying to deliver an illegal package to a prison inmate on Sunday.

A drone carrying an assortment of drugs and other objects was found near a prison in Unadilla. According to WSB-TV, police discovered the drone just South of Macon beside the Dooly State Prison and a search for the senders immediately ensued.

The officers who found the drone with the package attached to it told WSB-TV that the package included tobacco, marijuana, cell phones and cell phone chargers. It was clearly intended that the drone reach someone in the prison, but it did not make it all the way there.

After investigating, police were able to find the individuals who operated the drone and curated the package for the inmate/s. Holly Hubbard and Zacarious Sanders have been arrested for transporting drugs near a prison, but they have yet to be charged for the crime. They are currently awaiting charges in the Dooly County Jail.

Police are still not sure who they were trying to fly the package to, and what kind of relationship they have with that person/s. WSB-TV mentioned that the Dooly State Prison is a medium-security facility that contains mostly sex offenders.

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