FL: Alleged meth dealer uses a child to sell drugs, police say

Police say the child was seen smoking meth provided by the man

A 36-year-old man was arrested on Monday, after police say, he used a female child to sell meth and heroin.

On June 23, the Melbourne Police Department received a tip that Philip Guccione was selling drugs throughout Melbourne. The confidential source agreed to assist the police’s Special Investigations Unit in gathering evidence against Guccione.

The source was given $100, a video recorder and an audio recorder to document the drug deal.

Police say, they met with Guccione in the parking lot of a liquor store, and he had them follow a girl across the street to obtain the heroin. The source said she removed a baggie from her chest and handed it to them.

Police found that the the heroin tested positive for fentanyl, but they were unable to charge Guccione, because the video equipment had malfunctioned.

MPD had the source meet with Guccione again on June 29, where they provided them with $80 to purchase meth.

After arriving at Guccione’s mother’s home, the source was welcomed by the same child that provided them the heroin.

Police video shows the source walking in as Guccione was weighing the meth he would purchase.

The police video also show the child smoking meth from a glass pipe at the house.

Guccione was charged with the possession and selling of meth and the contributed delinquency of a child. He’s currently awaiting trial.

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