The NADDI Challenge

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Challenge Highlights


The NADDI Challenge begins with 500 custom metal coins being distributed among dedicated members.


Coin holders are responsible for passing their coin to a deserving person involved in drug diversion.


Each coin transfer is to be recorded. Awesome prizes go to everyone that owned the most passed coin.

Challenge Sponsors

The NADDI Challenge aims to provide recognition to the individuals working hard in the diversion space. The program wouldn't be possible without our generous and hard-working sponsors.

Challenge Details

NADDI works with so many wonderful individuals who have diligently worked to educate, prevent, and investigate pharmaceutical drug misuse, abuse, and drug crimes, and who have gone unrecognized for their dedication and commitment to reducing the rampant growing threat to our communities. NADDI would like to recognize their dedication and commitment.

The mission of “The NADDI Challenge” is to recognize the achievements of the diverse network of professionals across the nation that actively provide awareness, education, and prevention efforts in the fight against the misuse and abuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

The challenge coins are to be presented by a NADDI member to an individual in recognition of a special or outstanding achievement in the pharmaceutical drug field; and in turn, the recipient of the Challenge Coin must accept the challenge to pass on the coin to another.

The Challenge Coin is a mechanism to highlight the unrecognized efforts of so many of our community who are in this fight with us.

NADDI has 500 Specialty Minted Serialized Challenge Coins for this event. The event will run until the NADDI 30th Anniversary Conference in 2019; end date October 1, 2019 at 5pm EST.  All prize winners will be announced at the Annual Conference scheduled November 12th thru the 15th, 2019 in St. Pete Beach, FL.

A NADDI MEMBER must make the original application to participate in the challenge and agree to abide by the Challenge Rules.

They agree not to hold onto the coin, but to seek out and pass the coin forward in special recognition of an individual that they have identified as performing outstanding service in the areas of awareness, education, and prevention. 

The recipient does not need to be a NADDI Member, but must agree to accept the challenge and to abide by the challenge rules.  The receiver of the recognition will receive a one-year complimentary NADDI membership and a replacement challenge coin when they pass the coin on throughout the challenge.

1).  Must be a NADDI member to apply for the challenge, and agree to the terms listed in the rules.

–  Agree to participate in the challenge

–  Agree to complete the “Recognition” Tracking form in its entirety.

–  Agree to use of recognition in a social media network/forum.

2).  The application fee is $10 per coin; the maximum applications per person is 10.

3).  500 Specialty Minted coins are available for the challenge. Each coin bears a serialized number which is identifiable and will be used for tracking purposes.

4).  The coins are the property of the NADDI Executive Board.

5).  If the coin has not been transferred within 30 days the coin must be returned to NADDI.

6).  The coin MUST not be defaced in any way. Do not punch holes, glue to another object, or alter the integrity of the coin.

7).  The coin cannot be passed-back to the initiator of the challenge, the coin must be passed forward.

8).  The coin can only be passed to individuals within the same organization one time, then the coin must be passed to an individual outside of the organization.

9).  To win the grand prize, the challenge coin MUST travel to a minimum of 50 individuals.

1).  The recipient does NOT need to be a NADDI member; the recipient will receive a complimentary one-year of membership. (Recipient must meet the membership criteria and is subject to approval by the NADDI Executive board.)

2).  Coins are passed on as recognition for outstanding accomplishments, and are normally given to the recipient during a handshake, passing from the right hand of the giver to the right hand of the awardee. It is also normal for the giver to offer a brief explanation of the reason for awarding the coin during this ceremonious process.

3).  The passing of the coin is required to be logged into the “Coin Pass” form; this form is to be completed by the member that initiates the passing of the coin. The reason for the recognition must be summarized in 500 characters or less in the Coin Pass form. The receiver’s name and the recognition will be listed on the NADDI website and social media links.

Tier One Prizes:

Each individual that records the passing of a coin by completing the tracking form will receive a one-year complimentary membership to NADDI and a replacement “non-serialized” challenge coin.

NOTE: Complimentary memberships received during the challenge are limited to a Maximum of up to 1yr per person during the life of the challenge.

Tier Two Prizes:

The initiators of the first-ten coins to reach 25 passes will receive a Complimentary Registration to the NADDI 30th Annual Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL in 2019; this is non-transferable.

The initiators of the first-ten coins to reach 30 passes will receive a $100 Amex gift card and will be recognized at the 30th NADDI National Conference.

Tier Three Prize:

A grand prize will be awarded to the initiator of the Challenge Coin that travels through the most documented passes. This will include:

– A free scholarship to the NADDI 30th Anniversary Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL in 2019; this includes registration, travel and lodging.

A secondary grand prize will be awarded to the initiator of the Challenge Coin that travels through the 2nd most documented passes. This will include:

– A $100 Amex gift card.

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