CA: Fentanyl seizures increase more than 200% in Baja California

In less than 4 months, more than 415 kg of fentanyl have been seized in Baja California, a 221% increase compared to the 187 kg seized in 2022, according to data from the Ministry of Security . citizen.

Leopoldo Aguilar Duran, Baja California’s civil protection secretary, said the drug comes to Baja California from the Asian continent.

“So far, the intelligence we have indicates that we have no registered locations or indications that this is happening in Baja California. The information we have at the federal level is that it is coming from Asia. is,” he explained.

Either way, fentanyl comes into the state, but specifically into Tijuana, from where they want to ship it into the United States. He said that no drug tunnel has been detected through which the drug is sent.

“They use three basic means; We also have large seizures in Sonora, on planes, trailers, personal vehicles or even boats, which shows us that it is brought in from the ground. We have also stopped the seizures of aircraft which show us that the air route is used,” the state official deepened.

According to Mark Rivera, the tactical nurse on board, a worker who helps people suffering from drug addiction, not a day goes by in the central region without at least one case of overdose, whether due to the use or mixing of fentanyl. occurs as a result.

“Unfortunately, too many people are using prescription drugs mixed with fentanyl, which has tripled our overdoses and treatments,” Rivera said.

That’s why he walks the streets carrying a drug called Naloxone, which is administered through the nose by people trying to save lives.

Municipal authorities work on prevention, especially in areas where drug abuse is rampant.

“It is definitely something that is on the rise, so we have to pay attention to the issue of prevention, fortunately there are therapeutic centers for men and women dependent on the city council ready to take care of citizens with this type of fentanyl addiction For.”, commented Gerardo López, Municipal Secretary of Welfare.

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