AU: Pair charged over huge haul of MDMA bust appear in Warrnambool court

The Standard News –

A south-west pair allegedly found in possession of enough MDMA to make about 1700 ecstasy pills have appeared in court.

Dana Smith, 26, of Warrnambool, and Premier Sciascia, 26, of Mortlake, appeared in Warrnambool Magistrates Court on Monday charged with trafficking a commercial quantity of MDMA.

The court heard the pair was arrested on Friday after Mortlake uniform police officers intercepted Ms Smith’s white car in Mortlake’s Shaw Street about 3.30pm.

Ms Smith was driving the vehicle, Mr Sciascia was in the front passenger seat and Ms Smith’s nine-year-old daughter was in the back.

The court heard a search of the vehicle uncovered 171 grams of MDMA in rock form under the front passenger seat.

The pair’s mobile phones were seized and they were taken back to the Warrnambool police station where they were interviewed and remanded in custody.

A brief analysis of the mobile phones allegedly uncovered text messages between the co-accused which outlined plans to buy and use drugs.

The court heard one message read: “Drugs always sound like fun”.

During a police interview, Ms Smith allegedly said she and Mr Sciascia were going to Geelong to swap a pair of shoes but then later changed her story to say they actually planned to buy drugs.

Mr Sciascia told police the MDMA belonged to him, the court heard.

A search warrant executed at Mr Sciascia’s house at 5.25pm that day allegedly uncovered three sets of MDMA purity test kits, 2000 empty capsules, a set of digital scales, one point of methamphetamine, four zip-lock bags with remnants of MDMA powder and a white pill press.

Mr Sciascia was charged with possessing the pill press.

A second search warrant executed at Ms Smith’s house did not uncover any drugs or drug paraphernalia, however a third mobile phone was seized, the court heard.

On Monday Mr Sciascia did not apply for bail and was remanded in custody until December 4.

He told the court he was withdrawing from MDMA and cocaine.

Ms Smith successfully applied for bail and was released from custody with strict conditions, including she provide a $5000 surety and not associate with Mr Sciascia.

Legal Aid senior lawyer Belinda Northey said Ms Smith was a single mother with no criminal history.

She said the prosecution case was weak as Ms Smith’s role in the offending was not clear.

Ms Northey said the drugs and mobile phones were yet to be formally analysed and there was a real risk of her client spending more time in custody than she would otherwise be sentenced to.

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