Already a crisis in the U.S., fentanyl is now seeping into Tijuana’s drug supply

A new study shows intravenous drug users in Mexico are often unknowingly injecting the powerful synthetic drug

The fentanyl crisis that has claimed growing numbers of lives in the United States has been showing up on the streets of Tijuana, where intravenous drug users are often unknowingly injecting the powerful synthetic drug, according to a newly released research study.

While Mexico is more commonly portrayed as both a producer and corridor for fentanyl shipments bound for the United States, the study gives a rare glimpse into a developing consumption problem — and authors are hoping public policymakers will take note.

The 15-month study examined the deadly phenomenon of illicit fentanyl use that up to now has gone largely undocumented in Mexico. The report, published last month by the scientific journal Addiction, was spearheaded by Mexico’s National Institute for Psychiatry and Prevencasa, a Tijuana nonprofit that works with intravenous drug users.

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