AL: Products with tianeptine now banned from Alabama shelves

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That means any product containing the drug tianeptine cannot be sold in Alabama.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – A drug known as “gas station dope”, that’s marketed as a dietary supplement and sold at convenience stores across the country was banned from store shelves in Alabama March 15.

That means any product containing the drug tianeptine cannot be sold in Alabama. If you take too much you can get a high similar to opioids.

Some product names include Tianaa Red, Tianaa White, Za Za Red and more.

We wanted to do some investigating of our own to see if the ban was actually carried out on Monday.

WAFF 48 went to several gas stations across Huntsville, two had pulled the drug, two others had not. In fact, one of the employees told us he was unaware of the ban.

”I have 250 bottles in a trash bag in my bedroom to remind me what I’ve come from,” Brandon Stinson said.

Brandon Stinson says that pile does not come close to the total amount of Tianaa pills he has consumed.

He struggled with opioid abuse for years but turned to these in 2018.

“I took five and this feeling came over me that felt exactly like an opioid narcotic,” he explained.

This was the beginning of a long battle of addiction.

“I was up to taking eight bottles a day. And I was spending $200 a day at the gas station,” he said.

Stinson says he eventually had to check himself back into rehab to get control of his life.

He’s been clean for two years now, but others weren’t so lucky.

Deontay McDonald, a graduate of the drug recovery program, HisWay, tells us just last week one of his friends overdosed and died.


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