As a NADDI member, you can...

Access the information and people you need. You will be able to enter the Members Only section of the website to:

  • read current and past news articles about pharmaceutical diversion laws and investigations
  • review case studies
  • browse the valuable resources like websites, meetings, publications, books, etc.
  • use the NADDI Member Database to find people involved in similar work and/or experts in areas where you need support.

Access Training and Education. NADDI has been the key national organization providing education and training in pharmaceutical drug diversion. In addition to the instructional sessions, each conference features ample time for participants to network with their professional counterparts in the region.

  • Attend state and regional conferences organized by State/Regional Chapters. Training sessions and events are hosted in local areas. The goal of each NADDI chapter is to provide quality training in the area of pharmaceutical diversion and health care fraud for its members.
  • NADDI holds an Annual National Conference in the Fall of every year.


Any person is eligible to be a member if they are employed in the field of law enforcement or is engaged as an investigator of pharmaceutical drug abuse or misuse; actively engaged in the field of pharmacology; active in enforcing laws involving Controlled Substances; responsible for investigating and prosecuting pharmaceutical drug diversion of health care professionals; or actively involved in the investigation, enforcement, or education of pharmaceutical drug diversion.



"Any criminal act involving a prescription drug."